Friday, 4 April 2014

Clinique Superprimer: Dullness

Another Clinique review, I know, I know! However I couldn't resist popping this in my basket with a recent online order when I ran empty on my cleanser. If you haven't heard of Clinique's Superprimers, you must have been living under a rock; heavily advertised everywhere following their launch last year. Clinique created a collection of 6 primers, all to suit different colour correction needs. The collection hosts a Dullness, Sallowness, Redness, Discolourations, Dullness in Deeper Skins and a Universal primer. I'm going to be reviewing the Dullness Superprimer.

I must confess, this was a mistake purchase, I actually meant to opt for the Redness superprimer but accidentally chose Dullness. I thought I'd give it ago anyway not expecting much seeing as it is pretty much opposite on the colour spectrum from what my skin requires. The Dullness superprimer is aimed at those who's skin lacks radiance and glow. My skin personally doesn't suffer too much from this as I have very oily skin, however, it can be quite dull and lack colour as I am very fair.

The primer comes in a 30ml plastic tube, you all know how much I love Clinique's packaging so I won't ramble on. The lightweight, oil-free formula is suitable for all skin types too. The formula is a pastel pink colour with a thick creamy consistency which is applied with either a brush or fingers (I prefer fingers) pre-foundation. I used a large pea size amount the cover my whole face. It glides onto the skin effortlessly, it leaves a very velvet-like finish and is very matte.

I didn't find too much colour pay off, I hardly noticed a difference from using the sample of the colourless Universal. Considering it is aimed at dull skin, the super matte finish doesn't help too much in this respect, although it could be argued it is a primer and it's main purpose is to create a good base and prolong foundation wear. Overall I like the primer, it applied nicely, gave my skin a very slight tint (although you don't see this through foundation anyway) and I noticed a huge difference in how long my foundation lasted on my skin. It retails for £20 which is a decent price for a high end primer. I would recommend going for a colour corrector primer from the range despite the them not making much difference, I've used the Universal before and the formula wasn't as thick and my foundation didn't last as long.

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