Friday, 31 January 2014

Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life™

Like many of you out there, I received the Soap & Glory Yule Monty gift set for Christmas. If you aren't aware of what that is exactly, it's the massive hamper Soap & Glory bring out every Christmas of a selection of their best products. In this hamper was The Scrub Of Your Life, a product that's never really interested me much before. I'm not the biggest fan of scrubs, due to the fact I'm lazy and exfoliating is usually the last thing I can be bothered to do when I'm in a rush. However, I do already own their Sugar Crush scrub which I like, but don't love.

I decided to give The Scrub Of Your Life a whirl before shaving last week, and it really surprised me. It consists of tiny fine pink beads and some fine colourless grains suspended in a clear liquid. The scrub is unlike the others from Soap & Glory, first of all it come in a squeezy tube packaging as opposed to a tub. The formula smells amazing, much like the classic perfume scent of Soap & Glory products; with notes of mandarin, peach, jasmine and rose.

It also has a much different consistency, it comes in a gel like consistency rather than a thick paste. It could also double up as a body wash as unlike other scrubs, it foams up too. I found a small amount goes a long way, with other scrubs I have to use lots and lots of products and it runs out quickly. It buffs the skin really well and get rid of any rough patches I may have, especially on the knees and elbows. It's really easy too use, I tend to just use my hands and buff in into my skin in circular motions, it also rinses off really nicely too. It prices at £7 which I think is very reasonable. It has quickly became one of my favourite scrubs and I'll more than likely repurchase it when it runs out.

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