Saturday, 1 February 2014

MoroccanOil Treatment

MoroccanOil Treatment 125ml Feel Unique £31.85

I'm sure most of you are no strangers to MoroccanOil, it became pretty big a few years back  but it seems to have taken a back seat with all the cheaper alternatives and competitors on the market. Hair oils have become a pretty big thing and MoroccanOil is the best of them all so I'm here to convince you why it shouldn't take a back seat, it should be centre stage.

Don't let it's large price tag scare you off so soon, I thought the same at first too. How can this small bottle of hair oil be worth over £30, insane! For this price I picked up a 125ml bottle, the usual size is 100ml but Feel Unique are currently offering the larger bottle for the same size as the smaller one so you're getting a great deal. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a screw top lid as well as a separate pump which is great for travelling with. The oil itself is and orangey colour and is super runny. I tend to use the oil when my hair is damp, 2 pumps is enough for my long hair. I rub the product together in my hands and distribute it through my hair using my fingers. It smells incredible and the smell lasts on your hair for the whole day.

My hair is slightly damaged as I use heat on it daily in the forms of blow-drying and straightening once or twice a day. I do use heat protector and rarely dye my hair. However the ends are always dry and I get quite a lot of split ends which makes my hair break when brushing through as it's damaged. But using this oil makes my hair so much more manageable. Once blow-dried, my hair feels incredibly soft and silky with no residue left behind. My hair has never honestly felt in such good condition, it doesn't knot or break as much and the ends aren't dry and frizzy. Although it seems expensive, it's became an essential product in my routine and has massively improved the condition of my hair and I will repurchase over and over again.

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