Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sparkle With Emily

I've always been a big fan of personalising my gadgets and accessories. I'm also a massive girly girl so being faced with owning something plain and generic looking just isn't my taste. One night, after what was probably hours of Instagram nosing and lurking, I managed to stumble across and interesting page. Before my eyes were squares and squares of little images which hosted a range of different designs of Fiat 500 key covers, phone cases, tablet cases etc. I'm more than aware that 'blinging' things up isn't new and there's many people out there doing it as a part time business but the level of precision and the uniqueness in the designs was like nothing I had ever seen before.
After a few minutes nosing, I knew for certain that I needed a Fiat 500 key cover in my life. My current plain black one was boring and slightly broken already. After sending Emily an email and a brief description of what I wanted (you can choose absolutely anything you like) she gave me a quote including delivery cost and I went ahead with the order. The price is very reasonable for the final product, I paid using my PayPal which was quick and safe. She told me she would send me an email when she had completed my key cover and then it would take a week for my order to completely dry and then she would send it to me first class delivery so it would arrive within the next 1-2 days.
The key cover arrived around 2 weeks after I ordered and came with instructions on how to fit the key cover and a little bag of spare rhinestones should any fall off (which I haven't experienced yet). After having my first key cover a few months I decided to order a new one as I'd be lusting over so many other designs which I preferred more. The key cover arrived and I loved it even more, it's super sparkly and sturdy and looks lovely against my fur pom pom keyring. After a few weeks the gold centre of one of my daisy did fall off (my keys do experience quite a battering in and out my bags). I contacted Emily straight away and she offered to replace my daisies free of charge and send it back to me with my current order of a phone case and key cap.
After loving my key covers so much, when I got a new HTC One Mini 2 and couldn't find a decent phone case, I contacted Emily and she told me she'd be able to do one for me. I decided to have the same design as my key cover but with a gold Vivienne Westwood orb and also ordered a matching key cap. I received my order today as well as my repaired key cover which was perfect and I can't even see where it's been repaired! I absolutely love everything and Emily was such a pleasure to commute with and was extremely helpful with any questions I had.
Sparkle with Emily creates handmade to order sparkle crystallised phone cases, Fiat 500 key covers, converse, tablet cases, key caps and anything else you desire to be blinged (within reason). She is based in Staffordshire in the UK but ships internationally and will give you an individual quote depending on your shipping location. Emily creates a variety of designs which you can browse on her InstagramFacebook and website. You can create your own design or choose one she has previously created. She is super accommodating and such a talented lady.
If you're interested, give her an email at sparklewithemily@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dove Oxygen Moisture Haircare Range

When we think Dove, we think soap, bath foam, shower gel, you catch the drift? I love Dove as a brand, they have an excellent ethos and they're products are affordable and good quality. Lately I've been dabbling in their hair care ranges, more recently the Oxygen Moisture range which is part of their recently rebranded premium hair care.

The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, deep treatment and a root lift spray. It prices between £5.99-£6.99 although I managed to pick up the whole range half price in Tesco.

First let's start with the shampoo, out of it's bottle it's a blue gel consistency. It smells pleasant enough, very fresh and ocean like (if that's a correct term to use). I used an average amount in my palm, lathered it up and worked it through my long locks. I found it slightly difficult to get it to lather up but managed to crack it eventually. When rinsing I found it left my hair feeling squeaky clean, almost the same results as using a clarifying shampoo. Although I have fine, weightless hair, it tends to get very dry and this isn't the kind of shampoo I lean towards using in case I dry my hair out and cause excess damage. However, it's a great product to use once or twice a week if like me you use a lot of products in your hair to get rid of excess residue and give it a thorough cleanse. I've also read claims that it causes dyed hair to run colour badly so I wouldn't recommend this for those of you with dyed or dry brittle hair.
After shampooing, I went on to use the conditioner. It carried the same scent as the shampoo, very refreshing. The consistency was slightly unusual compared to other conditioners I've used. It was much lighter and less dense, more runny. I personally like to use quite thick heavy conditioners on the ends of my hair so found myself having to use quite a lot of this to build up the desired amount of product in my hair to nourish it enough. Because the shampoo is so light, I didn't have a problem using this even on my roots and experienced no change in how greasy my hair became from after washing it. I left it on for a few minutes whilst I washed the rest of my body and then rinsed out.

Once a week a more intense treatment is highly preferable. After shampooing the slathered on the soufflé formula treatment onto my hair and left it on for 5 minutes to do it's thing. Unlike any other hair masque I've used, it is light and spongy. My hair didn't feel slightly coated and highly hydrated like it would with other hair masques, in fact I didn't see much difference using this to the regular conditioner. The amount of product in the jar is a small 200ml and will probably only last you around 4 uses for those of you with longer hair like mine. The only positive thing I have to pick up on is how lovely it smells (but s does the rest of the range).

 Finally the cherry on the icing, the root lift spray. I used the lightweight formula by spraying it onto the roots on damp freshly washed hair. I used around 15 sprays although you can use more or less depending on the level of volume you want to achieve. However, I wouldn't recommend going too overboard as it will leave your hair feeling crispy and sticky. I then massage the formula into my scalp using my fingertips and the proceed to blow-dry my hair using a round barrel brush, concentrating on lifting the roots. It smells gorgeous and helps create a great amount of volume to my hair. I also found that my hair was less greasy the next day as opposed to not using the product. I have nothing but good things to say about this and it has become a staple part of my hair care routine.

I have very mixed feelings towards the range, I hated the shampoo and treatment, found the conditioner very mediocre but loved the root lift spray and have used it everyday since trying it. I have found many positive reviews on the range but believe it is targeted to a very specific hair type. I have fine flat hair myself, however, it is quite damaged due to the amount of heat I use on it daily and the long length too. I feel the range would suit those with short to shoulder length, limp hair that becomes greasy quickly.

Have you tried the Dove Oxygen Moisture range, what were your results?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

March Wishlist #01

With my 21st birthday being in March, my wishlist may appear more high-end/luxury as I obviously have more pricey wants as it only happens once after all!
Mulberry Bayswater, Topshop, Christian Louboutin Pigelle, Benefit Roller Lash, Tiffany & Co
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
[1] My number one priority on my 21st birthday wishlist is a Mulberry. I've wanted a Mulberry now for years but with their hefty price tag, it's something I'd have to save up months or even a year for. I'm not sure which one I want yet but I have my eye on a black Bayswater and will be making a trip to Bicester Village soon so keep posted! [2] The perfect birthday dress is always a must on milestones, This beautiful, elegant but stylish lace bodycon tunic will look stunning paired with black stilettos and a black clutch. It'll be suitable for both meals and parties. [3] Christian Louboutin do the most wonderful high heels ever imagined. Yet my choice will always be the class, sophisticated Pigalle in patent black 100mm. I'd absolute kill to own a pair of these someday soon even though I'd be scared to wear the red on the soles down! [4] Benefits newest release comes in the form of the Roller Lash mascara. Exclusively released in March's issue of Elle as a sample. The super-curling and lifting mascara looks very promising and I can't wait to give it a whirl. [5] I'm dying to get my other ear pierced very soon and they'll need some lovely new earring to finally fill the holes. These little Tiffany hearts are so simple but stunning and will match my Tiffany pendant necklace perfectly.
What's on your wishlist for March?

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