Friday, 31 July 2015

Everything Is Changing.

So I've decided it's probably time to write a post on what's been going on lately as my presence on my blog and channel has been limited lately. I've been going through some huge changes in my life recently and just haven't really had the time to sit down and relax and lose myself in all this.
So university didn't go as I planned at all, from the beginning I became very depressed, alone and anxious and instead of getting stuck into my studies; locked myself in my room and distanced myself from everyone and everything. By Christmas I'd decided it really wasn't for me and planned not to return in the new year. Unfortunately, I did a lot better than I had thought I would in my exams which motivated me to continue my course. However, in this time I also lost my grandma. After a few weeks I fell back into my 'I really don't care anymore' outlook and in this time my grandad also became very ill and sadly also passed away on my 21st birthday. During this time I accepted a job offer in my university town and I think if it wasn't for that, I would have completely lost all hope in my life.
The weeks after all this made me realise I needed to reassess my life, my attitude towards things and what I really wanted. I spent as little time at home as possible as I knew I really needed to gain some independence. I was very unhappy and let this heavily affect my relationship as things weren't perfect already. I decided to end things with my long-term fiancĂ© and concentrate on getting back on track with university and sorting myself out financially. With everything that had already occurred, this was a very sad time for me and I genuinely can't remember much of that time as it was too painful to not just delete this memory from my mind.
So where has all this left me? With a lot of full time working over summer, a failed first year at university with LOADS of retakes and still in the pittance of my overdraft. I'm not quite sure what I'm planning to do with my life in the near future but I've battled my anxiety and depression demons fiercely and feel more adult and able to deal with difficult situations than I've ever been and I couldn't be prouder of myself. Sorry if you've been waiting for me to post things, I've had a few messages asking where I've been. Just bare with me, I plan to come back bigger and better than ever.
Thanks for your patience and support, I love you all.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I'm definitely late on my new beauty lust, but bear with me. Because if like me you haven't felt the need the indulge in Hoola yet then you most certainly need to. I'm a huge fan of a non-orange toned matte bronzer to create a subtle everyday contour on my face. I've been using the Soap and Glory Solar Powder over the past year which is excellent but fancied splurging on a high end product.

The Hoola bronzer is one of Benefit's boxed products. The packaging consists of a very sturdy card with a flap lid which secures down well. Inside contains 8g of the product and on the inside roof of the lid, a small mirror for on the go touch ups. Although fancy packaging looks great, nothing beats something you can throw in your handbag, or luggage if you travel often, and not have to worry about getting dirty or cracking. It also comes with a small flat contour brush with a pale blue wooden handle and soft natural hair white bristles. However, you can't get much control with such a small brush and I prefer to use my Real Techniques Bold Metals contour brush instead.

The product itself is a completely matte, shimmer-free bronzer. It can be used to add a touch of bronze to areas of your face as well as perform a subtle contour. I wouldn't stop there with the uses, as the colour isn't orange toned, you could use it to fill in your brows as well as create a nude eye look as an eyeshadow. Because of the colour, it works well for almost everyone from the palest to darker skintones. The powder itself is very silky with a minimal amount of fall out and lasts well on the face all day without much need for touch ups. The pigmentation is great but as the powder is very light, it can be applied sheerly for a small hint of colour or built up and applied more heavily for a darker pay off.

Although £23 is a little pricey for an everyday bronzer, I'm sure it'll last forever like the other Benefit boxed products and therefore I don't mind shelling out the every pennies for something so long lasting.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July Wishlist #01

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[1] Kurt Geiger never fail to have me lusting over a pair of heels. So when I spotted these nude suede Hattie heels, they've gone straight on my KG wishlist. They're perfect for summer to wear with jeans and casual tops. [2] Now I have my Mulberry and a Ted Baker or two, I've found myself eyeing up Michael Kors bags. I came across this blush shade of the staple bag which would team perfectly with the Hattie heels. [3] Viktor and Rolf have never brought out a fragrance I haven't liked, Flowerbomb used to be my staple before I couldn't justify the price tag as a student. Their more recent launch of Bon Bon is something different, very sweet and candy like yet beautiful and long lasting. [4] So I've literally just brought myself a Ted Baker make up pouch to keep in my Mulberry but I still can't resist this Mulberry one in metallic mushroom goat. It's so unusual but stunning, at almost £200 though I think it might be a wish a lot longer. [5] Dolly Bow Bow aka Kate Murrane launched her own jewellery line a few years ago. I've never really had a gander before but she does the most beautiful statement necklaces which have always been a love of mine. This pink piece is definitely my favourite. [6] Is it really possible to own enough white/black blouses? They go with almost everything. This pretty sleeveless embellished collar one will probably find it's way into my online basket soon.
What's on your wishlist for July?
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