Sunday, 2 February 2014

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Flowerbomb is one of those perfume that's always raved about but one I've never actually had the pleasure of owning. It isn't the cheapest of fragrances at £54 for a 50ml bottle of Eau de Toilette but it is very dense and lasts all day. The bottle itself isn't anything too out of the ordinary, the image is designed on a bomb shaped glass bottle with a silver lid and V&R tag. Ascetically it isn't the prettiest bottle I've had on my desk but it isn't something I dislike either.

So, for the scent; I expected it to be super floral and sickly but I was pleasantly surprised. On first spray it can be quite strong but the notes of jasmine, rose, freesia and orchid hit your senses straight away. However, the scent mellows quickly and becomes more muted wearable. I noticed it does have some slightly spicy notes to it too which helps the floral scents not become overpowering. The perfume is very versatile and suits everyone from teens to mature women. It smells lovely and expensive as opposed to sweet, cheap and sickly. However, I find it to be more of a day time scent as opposed to a night time scent where I prefer something a bit more stronger with more of a kick.

The only downfall to the perfume is that it's it's quite pricey and I use so much of it because I love it so much. This make it an issue with buying another bottle so it's more of a birthday/Christmas present sort of treat. Also, the scent needs topping up quite a lot and it does wear off which is not something you want to do with such an expensive perfume. Overall, I love the scent and it's quickly become one of my favourites and I'd recommend it to everyone.


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