Monday, 13 January 2014

Our Trip To Paris & Some Big News!

So for my Christmas present Lee paid for us to go to Paris in the New Year. We flew out on New Years day and arrived to a very rainy Paris. We hadn't sorted out any transfers so we (badly) navigated the trains halfway and then got a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at the Mercure Paris Arc de Triomphe Etoile which was a lovely little hotel situated round the corner from the Arc de Triomphe itself. The room was gorgeous, totally up my street with super modern fittings and a very comfy bed.

As we arrived quite late we went for dinner at a American style restaurant called Indiana Cafe. The atmopshere in here was great, super chilled out with great food and friendly staff. After this we headed back to our hotel for a well deserved sleep.

The next morning we headed out to see the sights. The first stop being not far from us, the Arc de Triomphe. Having been to Paris several times before, I'd already been up and remember the pain in my poor legs so we decided to admire it from the bottom. My favourite thing about Paris is the amazing architecture and history.

After a (ridiculous) walk, we next visited the Eiffel Tower. Everyones favourite part of Paris. Unfortunately we couldn't go up to the 3rd floor as it was closed. The queue were stupidly long as always and the journey up over 600 steps is not for the faint hearted, but once you're up there the views are like no other. Seeing out  for miles across Paris whilst the sun is setting is one of the most spectacular views ever.

After this we headed back across the River Seine to the hotel and stayed in for dinner as I was super poorly and wasn't capable of leaving the room that night.

The next day we decided walking was just too much so we hoped on the Metro to the Louvre. Our first stop was the Pont Des Arts which is the famous bridge known for it's love locks. The love locks on this bridge are to symbolise committed love. We made our own little mark by attaching our own. The bridge is spectacular and the amount of locks is overwhelming. I would definitely recommend doing this if you visit Paris with your other half.

We then walked a short distance to the Notre Dame. I can't remember getting to visit this in previous trips so it was a first time for me. It's one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen, inside and out. Absolutely massive too, lots of interesting things to see inside.

We then got back on the Metro and headed for the Louvre, having been inside already we decided to just walk around outside as there are plenty of things out there anyway.

For our last night we headed to a nice little restaurant for steak (my favourite) and back to our hotel for an attempted early night before out 4am wake up to catch out flight back, boo :(

I bet you're thinking where's the big news then? Well if you scroll back up to the picture of the sunset on the Eiffel Tower, moments after that picture was taken at that very spot, Lee asked me to marry him! It was an amazing start to the year, although I'm still very young, the last 3 years have been life changing and there's no one else I could ever see myself wanting to spend the rest of my life with. He has all the qualities for a perfect partner and I love him so much.

I was super overwhelmed in the moment and he'd only been on his knee for about 3 seconds before I grabbed him back up and squeezed him to death whilst blubbing like a baby (not my finest moment I know).

The ring is absolutely stunning. A beautiful 18ct white gold number with a solitare diamond and extra diamonds under the setting. It's literally the most perfect ring I could ever wish for and I'm completely in love with it.

Before you ask when the wedding is, not for a good few years is the answer! I want to finish university first and get myself into a career. In the mean time we have a wedding fit for a princess to save for so those years are going to be useful! I'm very excited about the future, our own little house, becoming Mrs Thomas and a few babies are definitely on the agenda.

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