Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Benefit Gimmie Brow

Benefit Gimmie Brow in Light/Medium ASOS £17.50

Brows used to be a massive deal for me, I'd spend forever using pencil/powder to make them bigger and bolder adapting their shape. I was an over-plucker back in my teens and they've never grown back quite the same. Recently I've stopped completely, my obsession was getting out of hand and they were starting to looking very unnatural and unsightly. My brows still crave that something extra to give them a little boost, they are quite sparse and fair meaning they get lost under a full face of make-up.

Benefit Gimmie Brow is a 'brow-volumising fibre gel'. It is a water resistant, long wearing formula and doesn't transfer unlike powder and pencils (ever had someone rub past you in a club and lose half your eyebrow with it, not cool). It's very similar to a tinted brow gel and has a teeny tiny brush which applies like you would mascara to your lashes. The formula builds volume onto the brow hairs and also helps shape them and keep them in place, perfect! The application is super easy and quick, pretty fool proof really. The formula is build-able so you can subtly enhance the brows or build them up to be quite bold.

Although I have dark hair, I opted for the light/medium as I wanted the effect to be very subtle. The finish is very natural and you can barely tell any product has been apply, it adds a good amount of colour to my fair eyebrows and builds them up so they aren't so sparse but don't look cakey and fake. They stay put all day without smudging or flaking and when it comes to taking my make-up off, it comes off easily with a good cleanser without pulling any hairs out. Gimmie Brow is a brilliant wonder product and I suspect other brands will follow in Benefit's footsteps with this revolutionary concept, it's definitely won me over becoming a staple in my make-up bag.

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