Saturday, 5 April 2014

GHD IV Candy Collection Lemon Styler

GHD IV Candy Collection Lemon Styler ASOS £110

I swear by GHDs. I had a previous pair of GHDs since I was about 14/15 and they still work to this day, considering I'm 20 soon that's some good going! I thought it was time to invest in a new pair as my old ones are now looking a little grubby and not as pretty as they used to. I'm an  absolute sucker for anything yellow so the 'Lemon' styler caught my eye straight away. They were released last year and I managed to nab the last pair on ASOS.

This styler is the same as my previous IV styler. The styler itself is a different colour obviously, this gorgeous bright yellow colour is stunning and really brightens up your gloomy mornings. I also like that the styler itself is plain, I had a patterned one previous and the pattern has now mostly worn off so it looks rather battered and ugly these days. One switched on, the styler takes 30 seconds to heat up, the red indicator will hold a steady colour and then flash and beep when it is ready. It heats up to one standard heat - 230 degrees; the heat is good but I would love if GHD would maybe add another heat setting or two for people who's hair may not need so much heat.

The styler also has a sleep mode, when it is left on for longer than 30 minutes the red light will change to yellow and beep in intervals. The styler will also completely cool down so you don't have to worry about burning in the house down when leaving the house in a half asleep state. The only difference I have found with this pair compared to my last is that the plates clamp further apart, meaning I usually have to go over the same section of hair a few times to get it poker straight. Curling hair is exactly the same though, I love the smoothness of the coating and the the shape of this particular styler, it makes curling and waves so fuss free, they usually last all day too!

Overall I still completely rely on and trust in GHD despite competitors entering the market. I love that their prices haven't changed at all over the years, although they are a pricey, they are long term investment which I would favour over several pair of lower quality irons that I would have to replace regularly. This isn't my first pair, and probably won't be my last, I can see myself always going back to GHD in years to come.


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