Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

I really seem to love making these little lists don't I? For some reason it's nice to put together a collage of things you want and then try and justify why you really need them but probably don't, strangely satisfying. Anyway, with Christmas in 6 days I thought I'd share with you what I would like to see under the tree on Christmas day. We can all hope eh?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch: I have been in love with this watch for weeks. With everyone on the Michael Kors hype I wanted something different but not different in the style. This Marc Jacobs offering is a real beaut, I wanted something silver but the silver option looked really plain so this hint of rose gold makes it a bit more special but not too over the top. It also helps it becoming a lot more versatile to wear with other jewellery with two different metals.

Benefit High Beam: Yes, I'm still needing (wanting) High Beam in my life. My make-up collection will not be completed until it hosts a highlighter but near the £20 mark, it isn't the kind of item I can afford without it being a necessity.

Urban Decay Naked 3: This is one I'm hoping will definitely be there Christmas day. After purchasing the Naked 2 last year and using it pretty much everyday since, this new rose gold take on the original needs to be in my life. Having previously not been an eye shadow wearer, the Naked palettes are absolutely perfect for everyday wear as well as creating dramatic evening looks.

GHD IV Mint Styler: I'm a massive fan of GHDs and I had my very first pair a whole 5 Christmases ago! They still work to this day and have been the best styling tool I have ever investing in, even if they are on the pricey side. These days they don't heat up quite as they used to and they're looking slightly shabby so it's time I invested in a new pair. I prefer limited editions to the regular plain ones so this glossy mint pair are right up my alley and with £10 at Very, I don't know how I can say no.

Viktor & Rolf Flowebomb EDT: This is one of those perfumes that you've always wanted but near the 3 digit mark for a 100ml bottle, it's always stayed a 'want'. Absolute gorgeous scent though and if you're looking to splash out on something a bit more fancy in the fragrance department, I'd definitely recommend this!

Clinque Great Skin Home and Away: I tried Clinque's Anti Blemish Solutions about 5 years ago and wasn't impressed, it was quite harsh on my sensitive skin. However, now my skin is a lot more calm on the acne front and I've been recommended the regular line which is more gentle. This kit contains all the 3 step system in both full size and travel size minis in a limited edition zipper bag. Absolute bargain if you're already a user of the products as you get them a lot cheaper than you would buying them separately!

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