Thursday, 5 December 2013

December Wishlist #01

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(1) I've had my eye on this little Ted Baker beauty for a while now and I'm waiting to see if it hits the sales at a decent price soon as I'm in love. I know there are similar designs knocking around for a lot cheaper but this one looks so classy and tasteful compared to others I've seen. (2) I recently brought a beautiful pair of going out heels from Miss Selfridge (as I don't trust having my Kurt Geigers' at uni with me) and I was seriously impressed. I actually wanted this pair at first but the store didn't have my size in stock, gutted. (3) Ah my favourite perfume of all time although I've been Vera Wangless the past few months, with Christmas coming up I can always rely on momma bear to replenish the stock so I can have my signature scent back! (4) I recently took a skirt back to Topshop as it didn't quite look right on and I wasn't all that keen anyway (my boyfriend described it as vile) but this one seems a much better version of the other and the colours are beautiful so I may have to pick this one up instead. (5) I haven't brought any new MAC brushes for a while as I tend to opt for Real Techniques. However, I may have to invest in this lovely 187 as I've heard great things about it and you can't beat MAC for fluffy brushes!


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