Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Twenty Five Facts About Me

I'm not very personal on my blog at all and felt it was time for you to all get to know me a bit better. I looked through some other blogs to find a quick yet informative tag I could do and came across this one. What better way for you to get to know me better than by posting a cheeky 25 facts about me for you all.

One: My full name is Abbie Rose Deen, my name was planned to be Robyn or Lily Rose but my dad decided he didn't like them at the last minute and I got stuck with Abbie.

Two: I currently study Accounting and Finance at university and I'm in my first year.

Three: If I won award for anything it would be 'Queen of Procrastination' as I am the laziest person ever.

Four: My parents didn't have to worry about me losing dummies as a kid as I sucked my thumb for 14 years. In fact, on one of my baby scans it looks like I'm already sucking my thumb from the womb.

Five: I really hate eating in front of people who I'm not really close to or in public, I'm a really fast eater which means messy dishes usually end up all round my face and on the surface I'm eating from, attractive thought for you there.

Six: I used to be a dancer from the age of 4 until I was 16. In my final few years I belonged to two dance schools and one dance company and would train for anything up to 16 hours a week.

Seven: When I was younger I was convinced my toys all came to life when I wasn't looking like in Toy Story, I'm still yet to be convinced this isn't true.

Eight: If I could be anyone in the world, it would be Beyoncé.

Nine: Most people assume my heritage is full English, however, I'm a quarter Pakistani and and eighth Irish.

Ten: My favourite colour is green.

Eleven: I have the stomach of a sparrow, however, I can absolutely demolish a full rack of ribs in 5 minutes flat.

Twelve: I get cold really easily and I absolutely hate winter, snow and cold winds make me want to cry. But this is made up for by the addition of white hot chocolate to the coffee shops seasonal menu.

Thirteen: My eyes are dark brown but they change colour like Vampires do in Twilight. Some days they're near hazel and others they appear black.

Fourteen: I'm very much a dog person, in fact the thought of cats make me shiver a little. I am super obsessed with pugs and will own one day (will someone convince boyfie please?).

Fifteen: I stay up crazy late. I don't actually have things to do, I just find them instead. This isn't a student trait at all, 4am has been an acceptable bed time for me since about the age of 14.

Sixteen: I'm scared of things that fly; birds, butterflies, wasps etc are my worst fears.

Seventeen: I'm a really fussy eater and places like McDonalds are more hassle then they are worth. Having to order everything 'without salad' or plain makes waiting times devastating.

Eighteen: My biggest love in the world is cars. I've been obsessed with them ever since I was a little girl. I'm currently driving a beautiful little yellow BMW Mini Cooper called Coopz.

Nineteen: I have the worst collection of laughs known to man. They include the 'duck' and the 'pig snort'.

Twenty: I prefer cute looking guys to rough around the edge manly types, but I strangely find Ryan Gosling the most perfect specimen of a man ever created.

Twenty One: I always say five is my lucky number, but good things to happen to me in threes.

Twenty Two: I always prefered indulging in things that no body else wanted to do. This led me to studying 4 languages during my school years and doing 2 of them for GCSE. Sadly I can speak barely any of them these days.

Twenty Three: When I was younger, I secretly wanted to grow up and be a lingerie model. Unfortunately my legs and boobs never grew enough for me to fulfil this dream.

Twenty Four: I thrive in messy environments and despite my battle to be a neat freak, I will always be a naturally untidy person. Nothing bugs me more than other people tidying my stuff up.

Twenty Five: My favourite band has been the Arctic Monkeys since the age of 13.

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