Saturday, 24 August 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover

I gave up on tough spot treatments a few years ago. The more things I put on them, the more irritated and inflamed they'd become. I found that keeping my regime simple and leaving out treatments worked well for me, but it wasn't quite enough. However, I've heard nothing but good things about this little gem from Origins. On my recent trip to Nottingham I poped into John Lewis and they had a special 10% offer so couldn't resist giving it a whirl.

Usually priced at £14, it isn't the cheapest of treatments at all, especially as you only get a tiny 10ml bottle. However you only need to use a tiny amount which helps. They advise you to apply a tiny amount to a cotton bud and then apply to blemishes and any lumps and bumps on the face as a treatment for occasional spots. I obviously have permanent acne but I thought I'd give it a go as anything is better than nothing right? It contains salicylic acid as do many other spot treatments so I wasn't expecting any miracles from this little bottle despite the price tag.

I'm seriously impressed with this stuff. I did everything I was told to do twice a day or once if I was wearing make-up, you can wear it under make-up but it does create a little film over the area and I didn't want to be picking at my face even more. Right from day one it got straight to work at drying out and reducing the size of my spots in a matter of hours. In fact, one pesky spot disappeared in a matter of days, incredible. I used the treatment on all kinds of spots from white heads to cystic acne which wouldn't budge, I'd say it was pretty effective of all of them. It can sting a little if the spot has broken skin at first but it quickly wears off and the cooling agent of a gel really refreshes and tightens up the skin getting to work quickly. It also works at fading the spots and the discolouration and scaring caused by them so keep applying it to them even when they look like they're on their way out! It's definitely a must have when you're having a skin crisis and your skincare routine alone isn't cutting it. It won't get rid of them in a zap but it will give you that peace of mind that they won't be sitting on your face as long as they would have done without it.

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