Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Life Update: Results, University and New Beginnings

So it's time to get personal right? I haven't done any 'life' posts since I revamped the blog but some big things are happening lately which will affect my vlog and blog and therefore it's only fair I talk openly about them with you.

As many of you will know if you follow me on Twitter, it was A Level results day last Thursday, a day I'd be dreading for a long time. I'd done an extra year at college as I really struggled to get my head around education and my future following a really horrible time in my life during my last year of school. I found A Levels difficult and even when I had genuine interest in my subjects, I still failed to motivated myself to revise and do well in exams. However, I worked my butt off the past year desperate not to have wasted my time and to get into a good university, or any that would have me for that matter.

I didn't sleep at all the night before and I felt sick with worry that I'd get into my insurance choice, which I had decided months ago I really didn't want to go to, I was prepared to decline the place and go to clearing instead. Despite feeling tired, anxious and sick I was greeting an hour early by a text from my firm choice confirming my place with them. I've never leaped out of bed quicker to tell everyone the news, I was over the moon and at that point, I couldn't care less what my results were, I was just so pleased to know I got into a university higher than I'd ever expected to get into.

So after telling everyone the news via person, phone and social media. I then lazed around for a few hours, grabbed some breakfast and headed to college to pick up my results. I didn't do as well as I had hoped and found out I was actually one grade below what I needed but hey. I achieved an A* in Personal and Business Finance and a C in Business Studies. I then met up with some friends and drove into town for some lunch and a few drinks. By this point I was exhausted and after a few hours had to call it a day, head home, and collapse onto my bed for a good few hours. I had some lovely gifts off the family and was very spoilt in terms of meals from everyone too!

So university then... I'm off to Nottingham to study Accounting and Finance which is something I'm very passionate about outside my blog and channel and something I wish to have a career in. I'm very anxious but excited at the same time to move out on my own to a new city, meet new people, learn new things and enjoy new experiences. Everyone I have met so far through social media who I'll be living with are great and I feel confident that we'll all get on well and support each other throughout our time there. I'm going to be staying in halls of residence so I'm sure it won't get too lonely up there having 8 other flat mates to pester when I'm bored.

However more exciting things will become in my life, it also means having difficulties that I wish didn't have to happen. I'm not a family person by any means but I get on super well with my Mom and spend as much time with her as I can despite our busy lives. I'll miss her ridiculous amounts but know she's only a train journey away and at the end of the phone if I need her. Also, my long term boyfie is back home from university himself which means us doing another 4 years long distance on top of the almost 3 we've already done. It's never been easy for us, but we cope a lot better than most couples I know and I'm sure sail through without many problems, I have a lot of faith in us. I will miss him though, just a little.

How will this affect my blogging etc? Well I'll be super busy without a doubt for the first few weeks, getting used to things and meeting new people. I do plan to continue blogging and vlogging as much as I can. I'll probably throw in a few updates and advice things to let you know how it's all going. Don't think I've ran off if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm just going to have a lot less spare time on my hands to do things but I don't want to give it all up, it's my little place on the interwebs to escape to shares my interests. Thankyou for all being super supportive and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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