Friday, 30 May 2014

What's In My Bag: Ted Baker HARPEL

I've be dying to show you this bag since I day I got it, but I thought I'd wear it in a bit first so you're all aware of how well loved and in love I am with it. I spontaneous decided I needed a new bag, something more lovely, beautiful and expensive than I have ever been willing to splurge on before. I originally wanted a Michael Kors bag but seeing as they were becoming the 'norm', I decided to go in a different direction. Whilst picking up a present for my fiancé, I found myself in the women's section in Ted Baker. I then spotted this absolute beauty and had to have it there and then (matching purse also obviously).

Absolutely stunning isn't it? Well it is to me anyway. The tan leather and rose gold hardware is to die for and compeltely unique to anything else I've seen on the high street recently. The streamlined bag is super classy and elgeant, it's the perfect mix of contemporary and classic. I can see myself using this bag for years as it's such a timeless piece. As well as being beautiful it's also super practical. it features adjustable hand straps allowing it to be carried in your hand, on your arm or shoulder. What I love the most is no matter how full or empty the bag is, it remains the same shape and doesn't sag or bulge.

I'm not ignorant to the fact this bag cost a bomb, it's not on a Mulberry level but for a student with no job, it's damn pricey. This in mind, I'm careful to how I handle it and what I put in it. I don't clutter it at all and it's cleaned out daily to get rid of any crap I don't need. However, what I keep in my bag is pretty general and doesn't change much daily.

Most important thing in my bag is my Ted Baker Janit Purse, I brought it to match the bag as it felt a little more luxurious (and I have terrible OCD). In there I stash my unruly amount of store loyalty cards, bank and ID cards along with cash, obviously. Then I have my trusty Apple iPhone 5 with Cath Kidston Little Birds Phone Case, not quite ready for an upgrade anytime soon unfortunately. Then I have my keys on my Ted Baker Didler Leather Key Chain, on here I have my house key, university flat fob, mailbox key and a keyring from the Eiffel Tower. I keep this Paperchase Zebra A6 Journal and Zanzibar Mechanical Pen to keep any notes and idea I have for the blog and channel. I also have the matching Zanzibar Umbrella as you can never predict the weather here in England! I have a hand sanitizier and my favourite hand cream Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticile Cream. I have a Umberto Giannini Tail Comb for wind swept hair.

Then I have another little bag inside my bag which is this Ted Baker Floral Make Up Bag. In here I keep my Apple EarPods and my PowerBank Portable Charger for long train journeys. I also have a little pack of Kleenex tissues which are super cute, a hair band (or two) and some grips should I need to put my hair up or pin it away from my face. I have a Travalo Atomzier where I keep whatever perfume I'm currently wearing to top up throughout the day. And lastly, I then have any make-up bits and bobs I may need for the day. These are just a few that are in here permanently; Clinique High Impact Mascara, Clinique Long Last Glosswear and Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipblam.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my handbag, this is one of my favourite posts to read from other bloggers.


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