Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

I thought I'd do a small review on one of my favourite high end mascaras. Yves Saint Laurent offer a range of different mascaras to suit most peoples needs, their original Effet Faux Clis to their new Babydoll version. However, the Shocking has always been my favourite as it's high impact and gives great results with just one coat.

First of all, you just have to admire the sheer glamour of the packaging of this product. YSL never fail to impress with their signature luxury gold tubes and emboss logo, the Shocking writing being the main highlight sets its apart from other mascaras in their portfolio. The packaging maybe shouldn't affect how you feel about the actual results of a product but when you're spending £23 on a mascara, this sort of well made packaging is expected.

The brush itself is made from short plastic bristles in a variety of sizes. I personally prefer plastic bristles so it's already a winner for me in this department. The formula is very thick and can be quite drying so it can flake slightly if you over do it. It is definitely more a evening wear type of mascara as it gives a very dramatic finish and probably isn't for those who fear some slight clumping, although I think this adds to the overall finish.

These are the results! I tend to apply two coats for a more dramatic finish as big lashes are a must for me, although one coat works just fine if you want a more subtle look. The formula can be quite messy so more time and attention is required in order to get clean results although having a cotton bud on hand doesn't hurt whilst getting used to it.

It doesn't feel heavy and uncomfortable on the lashes and removal is fairly easy with a good eye make-up remover solution. My lashes look fantastic and definitely think it's worth the price tag although to a poor student such as myself, the product is more of a treat than a need.

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