Monday, 29 July 2013

Soap & Glory Flake Away™

Soap & Glory are my main go to brand for all my body care needs. Although they aren't as cheap as other drugstore brands, the extra pennies are always worth the incredible quality and results you get from using their products. Recently becoming a regular fake tanner, exfoliation is essential prep in order to get a streak free tan. A good exfoliater is essential to scrub away those dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal to the skins surface.

Soap & Glory Flake Away™ contains sea salt a great natural skin exfoliater, as well as moisturisers such as grapeseed and almond oils to leave the skin soft and silky. It has an oily, thick consistency with a nice ratio of particles which are good in size don't feel too abrasive on the skin. They also dissolve as you rub them into the skin. The scent is the brands signature scent, a mix of musk and perfume with hints of mandarin. 

It leaves the skin soft and scrubbed without irritation. The smell lingers on the skin throughout the day and can be enhancing with a matching body butter from the brand. It moisturises the skin but doesn't leave it feeling greasy, although if your skin leans towards the drier side, it wouldn't be wise to skip a moisturiser. To enhance it's exfoliating properties you can use it alongside some exfoliation gloves. Used once a week and you will certainly see and feel and improvement.

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