Sunday, 28 July 2013

Barry M Jewel Nail Paint in Ruby Glitter

Barry M are a favourite when it comes to my choice in nail varnish, their colour range as well as appealing price tag make them very favourable amongst nail fanatics. Recently, they've been super great at bringing out new editions to their collection including glitters, textures and top coats. Wanting to jazz my nails up as opposed to using plain colour, I've been turning to their more recent of glitter collections, the Jewel nail paints. I thought I'd do a little review on one of the more unusual nail paints in this collection - Ruby Glitter. 

It was a pain to get hold of in the first place, I managed to collect all the Jewel collection apart from Ruby Glitter which I had to order into my local Boots store. They retails for £2.99 which is cheap as chips for the quality of the polish. The polish itself is a mixture of shiny ruby and matte black hologram glitters with tiny black flecks suspended in a clear varnish. It can be applied as a top coat to a plain varnish or layered up on it's own. In the picture I've showed the results with three coats alone.

I think the combination of glitters in this polish is quite unusual, I haven't seen any other red and black combinations on the market. I think it would look even better as a top coat on a charcoal grey base polish. The application is fairly easy although you do need to manipulate the glitter around a bit so it's evenly spread. As it is a clear varnish, it dries pretty quickly which makes it time efficient to apply extra coats onto. I think this polish would work perfect for Halloween style nails. However, with all glitter polishes it can be a nightmare to get off and requires a fair amount of soaking.

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