Monday, 26 September 2016

Friction Free Shaving

If you're anything like me, you won't put much thought into your body hair removal tools or process. I jump in the bath once a week and do a big blitz then just keep on top of my underarms every other day. I really just don't have the patience, or money to be so hung up about it. I class myself as above average when it comes to body hair production, being mixed race and having polycystic ovaries doesn't bode well for me unfortunately, and I've found the easiest pain free method of dealing with this is shaving.

Known for trying to keep the same razor head going for about 4 months, when I heard about Friction Free Shaving, it sounded like a bit of me. A subscription service where you pick from one of their 3 sizes of razor - Faye (£3), Frankie (£5) or Samantha (£7). They then send you a monthly supply of razor head replacements to allow you to change your razor every week. If like me you don't need to change your blades so often, you can opt for the bi-monthly service where they send you a box every other month instead.

Should you find you a pile up of blades you're just not making your way through, you can choose to postpone your service for a month where you won't be charged or receive more blades. You are also free to cancel your subscription or change the size of blades you are receiving at any time. After ordering my razor I received my first box about 3-4 days later. Packaged in cardboard with little excess makes cutting through tough plastic a thing of the past. The box is completely recyclable and compact too. The blades are super easy to attach to the razor, just click them on at the head of the razor and tug away from the holding tray.

I may be a little bias but the first time I used my razor completely sold me on the concept. They aren't snazzy and over fiddly like the generic blade heads you get with moisture stripes that disintegrate after the first few uses, but they are super sharp. In fact, I had to teach myself to be less heavy handed after using blunt razors for years (I may have made a few cuts on the first attempt with such a sharp new razor). But I'm not sure if it was the placebo effect, but the closeness of the shave meant that my hairs didn't grow back as quick, which is always a huge bonus!

Overall, I'm a little on the fence about these razors. I do love the concept and the price is fabulous for the service you receive. But after using these for 2 months I've found the quality is quite poor compared its overpriced competitors, a lot of my razors have started to rust after only a few days of use. Even though I use shaving foam and exfoliate well beforehand, these razors can be pretty rough on sensitive skin and I'm often left with a razor rash or flaky bits of skin (not attractive). I do really like the idea, but I think Friction Free Shaving could possibly look at the quality and offer more pricier sensitive-friendly options to their range.

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