Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Burberry

Every year for Christmas I dabble in a new fragrance on my wish list. This year's choice was actually my Mom's, after she came home from a shopping trip with a sample of this stuff, I was in love. Without even seeing the price tag or the hype around the stunning and iconic Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss campaign, I already wanted it.
Let's start with the price tag, it's pretty hefty. At £65 for a 50ml bottle it gets put on the 'I love this stuff but will treat it like gold dust and never be able to repurchase it myself' shelf. However, being a Eau de Parfum makes it much more intense and long lasting meaning a few sprays will see you through the whole day and still be sitting happily on your skin in full song by the end of it. It is very beautiful combination of floral with a warm earthiness. Inspired by the classic Burberry trench coat and it's heritage of British design and craftsmanship, it's designed based on the scents of a London garden after rain. The scent is described as a grand floral with an expected edge. I prefer to wear the fragrance on special occasions due to it being pricey and quite dense but I'd happily say it's suitable for any age and time of day.
Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Geranium, Golden Quince, Freesia
Base Notes: Patchouli Rain-Tipped Damask, Centifolia Roses.
The bottle is also beautiful, very simple but classic and tasteful. The bottle itself resembles the Burberry trench perfectly. The little square glass bottle is hosted with gold lettering and a gold spritzer is classic yet effective. The hand tied, taupe English woven gabardine and bottle horn finish cap represent the fabric and buttons on the Burberry trench. Overall everything about the design, scent and aim of the fragrance is perfect and completely representative of the brand. This has quickly became my favourite all time scent and I'm forever receiving complements when wearing it.

Have you had the pleasure of catching a whiff of the iconic My Burberry fragrance?

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