Friday, 6 June 2014

Update: Leaving University & Plans For The Future

I thought I'd give you a short update on what's been going on in my life over the past few months. Most of you will know I came to university in September and moved to Nottingham. Nottingham is a wonderful student city and the university life was enjoyable. However, after Christmas something just didn't feel right. I knew I was doing the wrong course for me but battled on as I didn't want to be a drop and realised the city wasn't as safe as first impressions. I became very depressed, stopped going out, stopped attending lectures and seminars, stopped eating & shut myself in my room all day everyday.

I knew I had to make a decision about what I wanted to do with my life, I knew I could never been happy continuing with the course I was doing and didn't feel like I fitted in with the whole student thing. The noisiness, untidiness and drunkenness of people really got on my nerves and I was constantly stressed out and irritated. I decided to quit, but not altogether, just somewhere else and a new course. Anyway between then and now things have finally started to settle down. I had to finish out my the year (due to issues that are too long to explain) and then I will finish up here when exams are done.

I'll be attending Staffordshire University from September to study Business and Marketing Management. I chose the course because I'm really into marketing with my work in social media, it seemed very fitting and interesting compared to Accounting and Finance. I hope things go well this time, I'm looking forward to it and hoping some big changes in my life will commence in this time, for the better of course.

Thanks for your patience if I haven't posted much here and on my channel recently.

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