Wednesday, 4 June 2014

La Roche-Posay Effalcar Duo +

You know those products that you love and use day in day out for months but they never come to your attention because you're just so used to them they become invisible? La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo has always been one of those products for me. I started using Effaclar Duo about a year ago, unlike other anti-blemish creams and gels, it isn't drying, it doesn't sting or irritate the skin. I stopped using it for a while and switched to Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel, which I love, but is super pricey for something I get through so quickly.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] Boots £15.50

I decided to switch back to Effacar Duo but was aware it has been re-branded to Effaclar Duo [+] as the formula has been altered. However, I still find it very similar to the original formula and get the same results. It's hosted in a squeeze tube with a narrow nozzle and a screw top lid; super handy for travelling. The formula is a liquid cloudy gel/cream consistency that is applied sparingly on a cleansed face to any problem areas where imperfections occur often or are present (or you can use it all over like me). I apply twice a day along with the rest of my skincare regime, you can just use this and skip moisturiser depending on your skin type but I like to use one just to add more moisture to my face. The difference with the new formula is that it contains an active ingredient which prevents and fades any scarring that many occur after breakouts and calms down any inflammation.

I used to suffer from those horrid under the skin angry pests (also known as cystic acne) and this was the only thing they would calm them down. It feels incredibly soothing when applied and doesn't burn or dry tight like most spot treatments - it's very gentle. I used to use this everyday but recently my skin has been clearing up loads so don't feel like I need it constantly; but I'd struggle without having it to hand and if I've been having late nights, been stressed or my diet hasn't been great, I like to use it as a preventative method. I really struggle to find acne treating products suitable for sensitive skin but this has been a savior and really suited my skin and tackled my problems without disturbing the rest of my face.

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