Friday, 28 March 2014

Original Source Coconut Shower Gel

On a recently stock up of toiletries in Boots, I noticed Original Source shower gels were all half price. I've previously used the Lavender and Tea Tree version but have been with all thing coconut recently so thought I'd give this one a go. I'm usually a Soap & Glory gal with my body products and have been for years but being a student forces you to reassess your buying habits and look for cheaper alternatives, they are usually retailed at £2.29 for 250ml.

The packaging is very simple with it's quirky writing on, every bottle has a fact about the ingredient used to make the shower gel; for instance, they state it took 328 tropical days to ripen coconuts used in the bottle. The bottle also shows the product is suitable for vegans to use, not that I'm vegan, but it's nice to use more animal friendly products when you can.

The product itself is a creamy gel that lathers nicely using their your hands or a loofer, I find you don't have to use too much of this either which is great. The product smells incredible, very coconut yet not overpowering to the extent that it becomes sickly. It feels amazing on the skin and makes you feel super clean without stripping the skin too much. I have very sensitive skin and I found this product didn't irritate my skin at all and is very gentle and soothing. The scent doesn't linger too much when your skin is dry so I like to finish up with a body butter such as The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter.

I find that the majority of the range is pretty unisex which is another win, I don't think my other half will be too bothered about having to use this either as opposed to my other offerings. Overall I highly recommend this product to those you on a budget who want a good quality product that smells great and does the job well.

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