Monday, 31 March 2014

Clinique All About Eyes

Eye creams were a product that didn't generally interest me in my teens, but as I'm getting older and my skin is changing, I've notice I tend to get some slight dry patches in my eye area. I've used cheaper eye creams in the past such as Simple but thought I should invest in something a little more high end and tailored to my specific needs. As you all know, I'm a massive Clinique junkie, and when I read up on the All About Eyes it sounded perfect for what I needed.

As always the packaging is beautiful, simple and elegant; very clean cut and clinical, something I really love about Clinique. The little glass jar is home to a a silicone-based formula which is somewhere between a cream and a primer. I dab my ring finger lightly into the jar to take a small amount and then pat it around the the eye area, concentrating on the under eyes. The formula is super silky and applies effortlessly and sets without leaving any greasy residue behind. It leaves the area feeling hydrated and soothed. Because of the consistency of the formula, it works amazing as a primer for eye shadow too!

It isn't the cheapest of eye creams considering it doesn't have any anti-wrinkle benefits. At £25 for 15ml it can be a little hit or miss, however my little jar has been going strong since December and is still not finished. One thing I dislike about this product is the format of the packaging; I would much prefer it to be in a tube as it would make it a lot easier to control the amount you're dispensing and not expose it to air as often which can weaken the effect of some of the eye creams ingredients. However, it is still a lovely eye cream and it's dual purpose make it's super useful to have in my make-up bag.

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