Monday, 9 November 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

Concealer is a part of my make-up routine which I can find unessential at times. I don't particularly suffer with dark under eye circles and my full coverage foundation tends to deal with any redness or blemishes that crop up. On a shopping splurging I ended up picking it up to give it a whirl, at £22 for 7ml of product, it's not the cheapest concealer on the market. However, I've been using it everyday and it definitely deserves a good rave about so here's my findings.

It has a decent shade range as far as concealers go, with 8 shades available ranging from light to extra deep. My only disappointment in this department is that the lightest shade which I was matched to, Light 01, isn't the fairest of shades. However, when blended well and applied alongside my foundation, it appears seamless. It also has a sun protection of SPF 10 which is useful to sensitive parts of your face such as the nose and under the eyes.

It is packaged in a sleek plastic tube with a gold coated lid which is home to a doe foot applicator. I know these are controversial in terms of spreading bacteria but it's never deferred me from a product. When the lid is pulled out the tube, the perfect amount of product is sitting on the applicator to allow you to cover any imperfections on you face. It applies incredibly rich yet light when blended and doesn't sit cakey on the skin. The coverage is a firm medium yet buildable, this allows it to cover well without being too thick and settling in any lines on the face.
Even though I suffer from oily skin, it stays in place all day as it claims, it doesn't slip or budge until it's time to remove it. It's also the only concealer I can wear on any area of my face that suits it's needs; it covers any blemishes well yet is light and creamy enough to use under the eyes and around the nose where you don't want something too rich any heavy. I like to apply mine with a duo fibre brush blending lightly, it doesn't take too much work either which is a winner in the mornings. My first tube lasted me a good 5 months so although a little pricey, a little goes a long way. I'm thoroughly impressed with this concealer and can't see myself replacing it with anything else for a very long time.
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