Sunday, 26 June 2016

Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Nails

Working on a bar can be pretty tedious on your hands, especially nails. So I've been making an extra effort to get my talons back in tip top condition. With colder weather and gloves out of the question, your hands are pretty much on show all the time. I know how crappy I feel looking down at my over bitten nails and scratched/cut hands so summer is the perfect motivation to making them look pretty and presentable again. 

Here are my top tips for achieving and maintaining healthy and presentable nails over summer:

Keeping your hands and nails well moisturised. I'm constantly in contact with cleaning chemicals and will wash my hands on average about 10 times a day if not more at work. I have sensitive skin so this just dries out and irritates my hands and nails. By keeping a small bottle of hand and nail lotion in your hand bag and popping it on every time you wash your hands will dramatically improve the condition of your skin and nails.

Filing them to a realistic shape and length. As a lover of acrylic nails, I know it can be tempting to keep on growing your nails to as long as possible. But we all know how this ends, breakages. The best well to maintain a full hand of nails at the same length is to keep them to a reasonable short length. I've also found that rounding them off as opposing to keeping them square causes less splits and peeling on the edges.

Drink plenty of water and keep calcium levels high. I find when I'm going through periods of drinking more water and eating better foods such as fish, white meat and eggs. My nails seem to be stronger and healthier and therefore are easier to maintain and suffer less breakages.

Use a good quality nail varnish remover. As tempting as it can be to pick off and peel nail varnish or use any old remover you can find, it really is important to remove traces of polish properly. I use the Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover, it leaves my nails feeling moisturised and healthy and removes every scrap of polish.

Use a good quality polish. I used to love Barry M polishes and could pick up 3 for under £10. But after using more expensive brands such as Essie, I've noticed a massive difference in the quality of the polish; it lasts longer, dries quicker and therefore looks better.

Use a quick drying nail spray. When you've finished painting your nails, invest in a quick drying spray and spray it over your nails after every coat you apply. Your nails can still smudge if you press them against texture but it initially dries them much quicker than leaving them to dry out.

Don't leave the same polish on for weeks. I hate chipped nail polish so I usually remove my polish every 3-5 days anyway. But if you're not like me, try and remove your polish once a week, and give your nails bare a day or two to breathe which will prevent them from yellowing and staining.

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